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Rear side window openers

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  • Rear side window openers

    Has anyone rigged a mechanism, either a manual or electric, to operate the two windows from the driver's seat?
    I've been looking at it. I bought two 5 RPM 12V gear motors and been scratching my head. The rear seat-belt upper attach points are in the way of what I had in mind.

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    I believe people have used Dodge Caravan or Mazda MPV components before... I have seen pictures and even a video around here. I don't know where you'd start with the search function though... there are definitely some threads on it though!
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      There are vids! I've seen at least 2 on this forum.

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        This one's mine.

        Inside view:

        Outside view:
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          as soon as i figure out what im gonna do for door pannels with switches im doing a full power window/locks upgrade. also on the dash i am going to use an old defrost switch to "pop" the hatch open hehehe


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            Originally posted by crazyrog17 View Post
            Crazyrog. Thanks. Just what I was looking for. My motors are a bit smaller and are more of a pancake rather than a cylinder. They might not be 'torquey' enough.