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Siping at Les Schwab?

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  • Siping at Les Schwab?

    Has anyone ever had tires "siped" at Les Schwab? Have a new set of Conti's
    bought at Tire Rack for the Eurovan. They are a pure "summer only" tire. Thinking this might help with traction in the ever present rain we have. Because of the load rating the choice of tire for this van is extremely limited.
    It's really tall, narrow & heavy. Also needs to be a reinforced sidewall.

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    On the whole Conti's have some of the best wet weather handling and braking of the premium manufacturer tires. What makes you think the actual design isn't adequate in the wet? What model conti do you have?


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      They are the Conti Vanco 8. Made out of a very hard compound that actually lists itself as a "summer" tire. Your right. Conti's are usually great in wet.
      Only other possibility is an expensive Nokian and a Michelin HydroEdge that most places won't install because load rating is not high enough.


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        I was a Goodyear employee,had lots of tire training drool Plus worked with some of the best tire salesmen in the US. Siping is a win win for Car,LT OTR etc. Better traction in the wet & more uniform tear wear. If you are stuck running a hard compound.Siping will def help in the rain.Thats a given- Hope this helps.How much per tire are they gonna charge? Most OTR tire dealers like Wingfoot,Pomps etc Sipe tires.You might get a better price if you call around....
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          Sipping a few; where's the beef?

          Originally posted by seattlestiva View Post
          Has anyone ever had tires "siped" at Les Schwab?
          That outfit is definitely corrosive. Every time I've dealt with Les & the gang; I've had some difficulties.

          They haul out their slide rule over anything having to do with a profit margin; so no chance of ever coming away without hassles, when an issue involved with warrantee coverage, manufacture defects, workmanship on their labor, or any other item normally given over to honorability, courtesy and fair dealing.

          I used to wonder how someone could become an offensive boob, working for a big chain; though with Les under my belt so to speak, the image is getting clearer.

          One line employee even commented he'd rather work there, than at some other deal he'd had making less money; in a local supermarket. Which must've been at least union wages or close; thus, they probably rake off whatever they can hustle, or a percentage on that.

          Plus, the milage listed for their tires is grossly inflated; so that about half way, I'd of had to buy another set or loose the warrantee coverage since the tires were nearly worn out. Highly predictable, they must figure this out using astrology for the psychological advantage.

          A person presumes that must be standard; and you also don't get new valve stems or other items normal to offer too, unless paid for by item.

          What is the Latin?

          "INVINOVERITAS" is a good idea, long before you get there: Which could allow a person to swallow the hype.

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            My brain hurts a little every time I read one of your posts, but it's a good kind of pain like sore muscles after a workout or a twinge in the belly after uproarious laughter. Keep being you dude the world needs ya!
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              Rain??? What's that??? I seem to remember seeing something that resembled water droplets falling from the sky......but that was months ago.

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