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Festiva in Newest Roadkill Episode

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  • Festiva in Newest Roadkill Episode

    They finally finished their drive to Alaska with their Ranchero to do some ice racing and sure enough there was a yellow Festiva in their same class nonetheless. That even go out of the way to talk about it a bit and call it the Skittle!

    You get your first glimpse of it at 17:51ish and the shot is all blurry, but even as they were panning across...I was like...that looks like a Festiva!!!
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    Clearly a festiva 88 festiva LX w/BP G25 MR 5 speed waiting for wiring- 93 Festiva GL auto w/ air, waiting for B6t/G4A-HL - 98 Nissan Quest - 02 Mazda protege 5 wife's DD


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      Cool ! The festiva almost had a co-starring role.
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        They talked about it!! Reasonably Positive too!
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          Watching this episode now. Getting mentally ready for the winter ahead.

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