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How far has your festiva gone?

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  • How far has your festiva gone?

    I hear all the time about people putting tons of miles on the cars...myself included therefor Ill kick things off. Ive got a 89 festiva, carbureted LX model, has the fancy interior, ac, 5speed (which was not a standard tranny in 89). I bought it from the original owner 3 or 4 years ago who traveled alot for work and had put over 400,000 on it! Now this car also knew how to take care of his vehicles, had reciepts for all the work he had ever had done to it, including having it repainted due to fading. the car now has almost 460 on it and still going strong... best part is the power train is all original.
    89 LX (461xxx miles original motor and trans, retired)
    90 L (restoration in progress)
    91 L (saved from abusive owner lol)
    92 L (DD)
    88 (model unknown, rust free, possible project)
    88-89 (parts car. practically picked to the bone)
    93 GL (parts car)

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    Things I have for sale.
    Random Festiva Parts
    Festiva Non-Swoopy Power Drivers Mirror