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Cruise Control....Never An Option on Festys?

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  • Cruise Control....Never An Option on Festys?

    Guys -

    Would like to someday install cruise control. I thought it was an option on our Festivas but according to this sticky at the link below it was never an option.

    Can anyone confirm the sticky info is accurate?

    I've been told that the blinker / wiper assemblies like I'm talking about in this thread here....

    .....also fit 1988-89 Ford Tracers as well as some Mazda 626s.

    Can anyone confirm that, too? If they weren't a Festiva option and they don't fit the Tracer / 626, where the heck do the blinker / wiper assemblies pictured in the second link come from?
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    Mine came from an 89 tracer, it plugged in and works, fits the stock Festiva column. That one from a 626 was an earlier 626 but I don't know what generation. The 626 also had a dash clock some dummy busted into pieces trying to remove, I won't say who it was...(IT WAS ME! )

    I've been on the lookout for a dealer installed cruise from an aspire. Since Karl and I found one awhile back it seems like it would be the best bet. I've looked at a couple Mazda kias and Fords but they all seem a little different, most are factory and the controls are built into the stock ecu I believe.
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      I saw one installed in a JY one , it looked like an aftermarket thing , It had a little extra arm drilled in the column shroud.


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        I'd guess Festiva CC was dealer installed from factory kits.

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          Never a factory option, but a dealer installed option (E9BZ-9A818-A).
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            or E8BZ9A818A or F0BZ9A818A


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              that's the one I saw in the junkers with the round reservoir......I guess this is pretty rare