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anyone running 175/55-??

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  • anyone running 175/55-??

    I am looking for a new set of tires. Currently have 195/45-15 Toyos and they need replaced. They are ABSOLUTELY horrible in the winter so I need to find a different size to get something that works well year round. Not much all season options in that size.

    Basically what I have found is a 175/50-15 Nexen CP621 near exact .6% larger diameter as stock for $360 shipped. 60 mph is actual 60.35 mph

    ...and a 175/55-15 Kumho Solus with a 3.7% larger difference for $341 shipped. 60 mph is actual 62.25 mph

    Anyone have any experience with either tire?

    I'd like a nicer ride but also would like the speedo to match.

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    I am running 185/55/r15 on my aspire.
    Whenever I drive by a radar box
    the mph from my ecu matches the speed on the radar.

    But you have a festiva don't you.
    So my input isn't very relative.
    Running my tires.


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      i have used the kumhos in a 175 70 13 on my old turbo car & they ride good & handle good but the tread wears fast. i have nexens on my work truck & they last a long time, i think they are made by michelin but im not positive. i have had great experience with toyos also
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        try to find a set of
        Ford escort rims they fit perfect and the ride is great.

        91-auto gl :::Ol Glory


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          I've put the Kumho Solus KR21s on many cars, and loved them. They have an 85,000 mile treadwear rating, and in my experience they do wear slowly.
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