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  • busateva

    slick but expensive

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    That's Vinny's car. She's quick
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      I like the wheels!
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        Oh come on he's really putting it up for sale after talking all that talk?

        Not even a pic of what makes it unique?
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          Yea i never did c a motor pic its a shame all that work then sell her but maybe ha has reasons


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            I think he's had it for sale for some time now. He's got it listed high and knows it. If he can sell it for close to what he wants why not list it and take the money if someone bites.

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              Yeah I think the first time he put it up here was a FS listing haha.
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                it's more of a novelty item. He doesn't need to sell it but if someone finds it interesting enough they could offer him some cash and he might bite. A lot of hayabusa guys in Florida and those can produce big power so really this car could be nuts.
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                  Needs more torques. And boost.
                  91GL BP/F3A with boost
                  13.79 @ 100, 2.2 60' on 8 psi and 155R12's