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Stilko toilet paper oil filters; an update on availability...

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    If I'm understanding you right, I don't think you can do a "bypass in line". Once you restrict the flow to make it a bypass you have to drain it to an area of lesser pressure or the fluid will take the path of least resistance and just be going through the regular filter. So if that kit is designed to use 2 full pressure/flow filters it will, I assume, be using a pressurized complete circuit. Pressure on both sides of the filters.
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      round and round; slows...

      I've been reading this thread, reminding me of one of my earlier thread ideas; about using the aftermarket metal replacement radiator's automatic transmission cooler, as an auxiliary oil cooler.[

      If I didn't have the Stilko now, this seems like a good way to also plumb in a Frantz toilet paper filter; too.

      What the notion does invite speculations about, is the length of tubing involved; which typically reduces the pressure of the oil in ratio to the additional distance that must travel, if I'm not mistaken? I'd of guessed this would stay static, though believe I've read theoretical data to the contrary-which well backs up those opinions.

      I've never gotten around to the modification as planned, which would've added a sandwich adapter under the spin-on Stilko; so wonder if there'd of been much of a gain in cooling of the engine oil, routing that via the automatic transmission cooler of the after-market radiator?

      Any variety of things imaginable could also be placed "en route" so to speak; like an additional cooler, other filtration, or even a reverse pump to create a pto type drive-for whatever might be imagined...

      Thus, a good question universally applicable, is: Can the existing oil pump be upgraded, for increased flow and/or pressure; that a longer more complicated external route than the spin-on would be advantaged by?
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