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  • Festiva dreams

    I usually have very visually, lengthy dreams so this isn't anything new. Last night I had a dream that the reputation rating you acquire here was actually a multiplier to figure out how much fuel was supposed to cost when you filled up. And last week I had a dream that I met Chris and his girlfriend at the drag strip, but they were driving Greg's car, even though I've never met either of you... lol.

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    Festiva dreams

    Haha hanging out with your festiva too much again!?!?
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      Nice, I owe Chris a drive in my car
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        Speaking of dreams. I had a pretty vivid one last night, which I rarely seem to have.

        Apparently some how I acquired a Porsche 911 or something, and but still was driving the Festy for the gas mileage, but I finally decided to take it out for fun. Then I went to a theater with some friends, parked it, and I somehow forgot the keys in the car, after walking into the theater then realizing what I forgot, I go out and the car was stolen already. FFFffffuuuuu.... Apparently there was also a bunch of rent-a-cops outside the theater watching the parkinglot but they obviously couldn't do their damn job. lol

        Though was a disappointment waking up then realize I don't own a Porsche. Also had a dream a while back where I bought a badass Mustang SVO for like $1k, also super disappointed after waking up from that one.
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          I have dreams that my turbo 1.3 isn't any fun, but I'm always thrilled that it at least has a turbo