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Finally got the '91 0ut of the shed-

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  • Finally got the '91 0ut of the shed-

    Yesterday- and found out the A/C IS WORKING!!

    Had to clean the contacts on the relays to get the clutch to kick in-

    but definitely COOLED air coming out-

    I still have one problem-

    It looks like there are retrofittings on the HIGH SIDE, but maybe not on the low side where I think it would benefit from some recharge-

    So now I'm not sure if the system has ever really been converted from R12 to R34 or not-

    Gotta take a closer look at the fitting- get a measurement and see if I can figure things out-

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    nice a/c in florida is a good thing. nice lookin car
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      Got a retro fitting off ebay to discover that it already WAS a retro fitting to r134 quick connect on the car-

      so I guess it may already be converted from r12

      Put a little shot of r134 in from a partial can I have already and the guage registers really good pressure- Also then got a can of Enviro Safe Freon that claims to be compatible with both R12 and r134 , but there's already as much pressure as it recommends, so guess I'll just hang onto that.

      the A/C feels even cooler now-0 I'm so relieved- I still haven't got the A/c up on the escort wagon next to it, and that looks to be possibly the compressor contacts or the compressor itself. Phooey, but at least one is up-

      I recall about 30 years ago if you got an old car 20 years or more, you pretty much knew the A/C would be gone by then. I think made they made them better then after that-
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        I wish we could put swamp coolers in where nothing rusts and the humidity is so low coolers work better than AC.
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          I want to kick whoever invented the swamp cooler in the teeth. I hate mine so much.
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            Swamp coolers sound like a great idea but here in Iowa where the humidity gets pretty high, I figure it would probably just make you wet, sticky and miserable.
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