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A Question About Temp. Sensors/Senders

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  • A Question About Temp. Sensors/Senders

    A couple days ago the temp gauge on my 90L shot up to max. temp. Needless to say I freaked out and headed straight back to the house. I thought it was a stuck thermostat (replaced it) still maxed out. After letting it sit and idle in the driveway for a while I began to expect the motor wasn't running as hot as the gauge said. Today I pulled out the Festy service manual and figured out where the temp sending unit is located. Sure enough it was broken. I pulled it out and went to replace it with one from a spare motor and found it didn't fit. I pulled another from a spare head--THAT one was too big also. I called the local parts houses, to finally discover there are two different sending sensors, pre-90 and post 90. Mine is a 90 and I'm guessing it has an 89 style head which take this smaller, longer more narrow sensor…which no one has in stock or can even order anymore. Both auto zone and auto value has "N/A" in their computer for that sensor.

    Has anyone else come across this problem? I can plug the sensor hole with a bolt and sealant, but I won't have a temp gauge.

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    Because....45 MPG.

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    Are you talking about this sender?
    If so, there are still a lot available on Rear Counter.
    If you want cheap, I still have my old one. There is nothing wrong with it.
    $3 + shipping at cost.
    I believe the thread is Japanese metric pipe. I wouldn't put a bolt in there.
    You will probably wreck the threads. Put back the old sensor until you can find a replacement. Aloha.
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      That looks like the one. The old one broke (lucky for me I was able to fish out the inner half)

      How can I pay you? Paypal? Sending PM now. Thanks!
      Because....45 MPG.


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        Rockauto has them. Internet shopping is the way to go!


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          Ok, still confused, but getting closer and much appreciate the help…

          The sensor my 90L has is a small, narrower diameter hole, while the sensors the parts houses sell is bigger diameter with a fat blunt end on it. The pic Brave attached has a different connecting end on it (the flat tab style) while the one that broke on mine is the round style that "plugs into a slightly bigger sleeve.

          I looked on rock auto and as far as I can tell from the pictures, they have the bigger more common sensors which won't fit in mine.

          Has anyone come up agains this before? We're headed out blueberry picking for 10 days and would like to get the right one coming before you disappear into the woods so it's waiting when we get back.

          Because....45 MPG.


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            try looking up an "89. I went through it when I swapped engines. I think you need to order one for 1989. At $4.00 order both and send one back.
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              Just looked again. Look up an "89 Festy and order the one on the top!


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                The one brave is showing is the one for the fan it goes in the tstat housing and the one for the temp gauge is in the head and is much smaller and has a pin not a spade like that one above.