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Madam Bluebery *UPDATE*

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  • Madam Bluebery *UPDATE*

    As you all know I drove from southwest virginia to New Jersey in March to pick up a 93GL that I would eventually name "Madam Blueberry". I have did the following to bring her back to her former glory.
    Replace plugs, wires, valve cover gasket, oil pan seal, air filter, O2 sensor, thermastat. I had to replace the right front axel, boot and seal. Alignment, 4 new tires.
    I was able to land a complete "sport" interior in emaculate shape. I have the rear wing and a stripe kit I got from Prafeston! Hopefully I will be able to do the stripe kit, sport interior and wing this week. I am slowly finding all the little rattles and squeaks and taking care of those as well to make it as close to perfect as they came haha. I am still mulling over the wiper support issue that I currently have.
    And finally, I may have the "newest" Festiva on the forum, with a construction date of 6-25-93! I will keep you all posted about my progress and a before and after with the stripe and wing!
    I personally think the red sport interior will look good against the blue. Kinda like a super hero!!


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    Don't forget the coolant bypass tube you had to replace!

    Pics ... or it didn't happen!

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      Yes where are these pictures?