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Potential new owner, swap in mind.

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  • Potential new owner, swap in mind.

    Hello all, last year I sold my 97 Aspire because I got a newer car. I definitely miss having that little thing, and I've always wanted a Festiva because of all of the swap options available that I didn't have with my aspire. I'm going to look at a 4 speed Festiva tomorrow at a local garage. They said that the owner brought it by to get it looked at because it was tapping or maybe knocking. I guess he left it there and told them to just sell it. They told me 100 bucks would take it and I'm going to look at it. I believe it's carbed so I think that will interfere with the swap potential. I have a few questions before I dive into this. 1. I know how to turn a wrench, I've done small things to cars, usually always my own work, but never anything major. That being said, how hard in general would a swap be for me? I know there are a ton of guides on here to help me, I just want to make sure I'll be able to finish it. 2. Also, could I rip the fuel injection system off of a 95 aspire to convert it to fuel injection? There are 3 at my local pnp that I could use as donor cars. I'm sure I'll have more to ask, I just want to make sure that this will be a good investment at $100. Thanks in advance!

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    I think you would be better served to stick with 90~93 efi parts but there are guys here that blow me outa c the water on knowlege and experience.If it can be done somebody here has probably done it or at least tried.For a hundred bucks if your unibody is solid at the rear axle traling arms mounting point and solid at the front crossmember where the motor,trans under bracket mounts Its worth it if you want to do the wrenching.Good luck


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      $100?! Absolutely buy it, unless it's trashed out and needs lots of work they didn't tell you about. Check it over closely. Make sure the title is clean too, and matches the car.
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        I started with a 93 GL EFI and converted it to carbed. I prefer non-feedback carbed. No computer.
        It would be a lot simpler to swap an Escort carb.
        You would have to change the entire wiring harness for EFI.


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          Depending on swap your going with . B6t and b6d is actually better with a carb car but bp is much harder . Either way 100 is a good deal of its not rusted and has a title .
          New build on the way .


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            I really wanna have a turbo swap! I know I have to search before asking too many questions so I don't upset the natives lol, if it's not rusted I'm buying it without a doubt. I want to make sure I have a good shell for the swap. Thanks everyone for the advice, I know you will all be helping me a crap ton with this!!