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  • Pertronix Ignition.

    Hey Steva Nation, I am talking with Pertronix about possibly making a ignition kit for the 88-89 Festiva's. I am sure they would be more inclined to develop it if they had more interest. Would that be something we should look at or is everyone happy with their stock ignition? (I'm not!) Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, "G".

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    For what reason?

    What would it help, and what would it be exactly? A new dist with standalone spark control, or what?

    I would bet even if you could get it done, nearly no one would buy one here.
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      Hi Sketchman, they said that if I could get enough orders (10), they might do it. Yes, it would be a stand alone distributor ignition kit. These would be great, especially for competition use. If no one wants any, then ok, I just thought I would put it out there. Thanks for your reply! "G".
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        So these would be for the carbed cars not EFI? Did he give you a ballpark cost?
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          Hey No Name, I should find out today or tomorrow, Thanks, "G".