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  • Unpainted metal parts

    Does anyone know if there is a particular reason why several parts under the dash were left unpainted.
    Several of the brackets as well as the steering column are not painted and the leaking sunroof in Rosie
    has caused all these part to accumulate surface rust. I plan to remove the rust and paint all of these brackets.
    Any reason why I should not?
    Nellie - Yellow 90 5spd LPlus (bought '05 at 44,000 105,811 as of 01/18.)

    Trixie - Dark Charcoal 89 L Auto. Bought 06/15/13 $1800 with 89,000 miles / 95,306 as of 01/18. Power windows and swoopie power
    mirrors. Rio front, Aspire rear, 165/55 R14 Miatas. Mercury Tracer front seats. Gave Trixie to my grandson 09/22/2018.
    Rosie - Red 92 GL 5 Speed Sold to Safety Guy 07/12/2018.
    Bessie - Surf Blue '90 5spd LPlus (bought new) As of 10/2018 354K. No longer in the family.. sold to a forum member 10/20/2018

    During the last 15 years I have also owned and then sold or gave away four other Festivas.

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    I'm sure it was just for cost and that no one sees it. Look under the dash of any other car out there ,same thing.


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      They are unpainted because they are not visible. They are considered to be a "D" surface. This is to save money. Automotive cost savings will demand an engineering change even for a few pennies.
      O.K. to paint.
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