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engine recomendations??

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  • engine recomendations??

    Just snagged a 88 to be turned into a lemons race car. Drove from Pittsburgh to Rutherfordton NC to get it. 1100 mile in 1 day.

    Want to know what you with more knowledge than me, recommend as an engine upgrade that will put up with being abused at high rpm for an extended amount of time.

    Was thinking about a b6t but don't want to have it come apart mid race.

    Car will be stripped and caged.

    and of course I don't have much budget (by the race rules).


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    great! another fellow festivite in Rurgh. smart move going out of state to get one. B6T, B6D LOVE high RPMs. more than likely the stock trans will poop its pants before the engine gives you any concern.


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      I havent done it but from what i have seen being on this site is that the B6T is more reliable if you build it right. I think advanceddynamics spends the most time circuit racing a festiva here. I could be wrong. Look up what he has. 1.8T gives you more power but breaks things easier i believe. But anyway, look at advanceddynamics threads. He has a ton of hours on b6T at high rpm's. They also fit easier so you have more room for budget parts.

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        I'm stuck with a $500 budget.

        Got the car for $225. 200k rust free miles.

        Motor and tyranny transplant will have to be cheap.

        Oh course if I can sell some parts from the car, I'll have more budget avalible.

        Probably going to have to use donor engine as it comes with no building.


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          BEFORE moving to the BurghIMAG0184.jpg

          AFTER towing through a snowstorm on the way home IMAG0187.jpg


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            I say B6T.
            1990 (LUCIFER 2.0) fully built BP+T with E153, Fueltech FT500, traction control with hopes of 600hp (i drank to much of the KOOL-AID)
            1990 OverKILL BP+T, evo ecu system, coilovers, aspire brakes, full advanced suspension, Garrett! The Autocross toy!
            1989 (BRITSTIVA 1.0) B6T and sold
            19?? 150$ burnout car SOLD
            1991 (STRESS RELIEF)SOLD


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              If your running the stock tranny then just put a 16v b6 in it (miata, capri or maybe mx3).
              You can probably sell some parts off the car to make enough for an engine.
              If you can find a Capri XR2 for cheap (I've bought 2 for under 250 bucks) then you'll have what you need to build a giant slayer. I built a time attack festiva with a stock B6t and it filled a shelf with trophies even though I was in the same class as modified Corvettes and Porsche cars.
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                Got her running on Saturday. Only really needed a fuel pump. also did plugs and air filter, fuel filter and engine bay fuel lines.

                Also scrubbed all the black off. Looks like the paint was red metallic origionally. Now its just flat red.



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                  We ran the B8-ME on a 1/3 mile dirt track running in second gear all the way around. 7000+ RPMS at the end of the straight stretch and the Festiva transmission and never lost either one. We also ran it carbed with no computer rev limiter. Here's a video of the first time we ran the B8-ME. Before that we ran the B6-ME and the regular B6.
                  You gonna race that thing?


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                    is that gamblers run? right above clearfield?


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                      Ugh that would buff up nice.

                      WannaBimmer Build in Progress:


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                        Originally posted by fitsbain View Post
                        is that gamblers run? right above clearfield?
                        No, It's Clinton County Speedway just off I-80 near Lock Haven.
                        You gonna race that thing?


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                          Clean the engine a bit, then RE-did the shift linkage with 1/2 inch shoulder bolts.

                          Nice and tight.

                          What is the best place to get a windshield cheap?

                          I'll install it my self.