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1991 Festiva 1.6L 16V TURBO car (B6T?) Interesting morning...

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  • 1991 Festiva 1.6L 16V TURBO car (B6T?) Interesting morning...

    As I write, I am also watching the video we shot as it uploads to YOUTUBE.

    David Hodges (AKA: "STUDEBAKER") rolled out from Millington to help me go get a badly needed car (I've been without wheels ever since I launched a V8 Ranger 1/4 ton project two years ago) that is lightyears ahead of a bone stock daily driver. "Here's $650.oo, put it in a bag and I'll take it..."
    But of course it's never that simple.

    In this case however, we went directly to an ATM where I pulled out the cash - then to the site (geophysically) where the car was, I paid cash and got a straight title, complete set of keys, and with another ten bucks bought all of the manuals I was worried about even FINDING!

    ~We towed the car the mile or so to my place using a strap.

    This here is BREAKING NEWS NOW! And fittingly on the very day that the new FORD GT is running at the 12 HOURS of SEBRING.

    I am in awe of all the luck that fell into place for all this to happen. Maybe David is right - I should go to church once in a while.

    As I said, the video is uploading right now, and you can see what we did when we went to the place, I purposely did a walk around video inventory of what's there

    Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will

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    * No spam intended - it took me a while to figure out how to paste the video right and I was out of edit time

    MUCHAS GRATITUDAS AMONDO Dave - it was great to meet you!!!

    * I got into the internet pretty close to the beginning of it going world wide, and in that I saw a lot of the worst of it. People using the internet to represent themselves as something that they were not - having met David one on one, I can tell I'm going to like FF.COM because David (STUDEBAKER) is the real deal.

    ~ and yeah, we'll be talking a lot as this machine comes around to something like I think Frederick would have been proud - if not amazed by.

    ~I also saw where he was going in an even wilder direction. That green car fascinates me...

    He was thinking of doing something that I thought about last night.

    As a wrench bender, you can read someone elses thoughts by the tracks they leave in their projects. I think the green car is no accident.
    NOR was he planning to build it up as an everyday ride for his daughter - it was a potential powertrain swap-out

    If I am not badly mistaken it is a 2.0 or a 2.5L that has an outside chance of fitting into a Festiva chassis - I found notes about it in the Mazda 323/Protégé manual.

    ~I think he intended it as a donor car for an even wilder Festiva!
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    Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will