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    Has anyone ever bought a rebuilt long block engine from Rock Auto? So far, they have been the cheapest I've found and with a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty, they look pretty good. I'm not looking for a Festiva engine. I'm looking for a '97 Ford 4.2L for an F-150.
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    I've got a suggest here, that Ihope is not against the forum rules - because if you really want to get right up inside ford trucks (no matter what year) I know exactly where you want to look, I am a member there too.

    It's free to join, and we have an increasing membership of people who are all about Ford Trucks that go way back. If you like the way is done, and the depth of info on Festivas here - you're gonna love the Ford Truck Zone

    As far as Rock Auto - I think they are really great, but for any crate motor you want to look over the terms closely.

    If you see an option to pay a hundred extra for what they call a "PREMIUM" engine - you seriously want to do that. Most of these engines are REMANS that come from a very few rebuild companies, and from my own experience any engine from them that is NOT a premium engine will be full of helicoils from crap blocks and heads that you really don't want. The premium engines don't have that, what you are getting there is the best iron they have, not garbage that they work over to get them out the door somehow.

    FROM EXPERIENCE - I went down that road before, and it is why I always prefer to run everything to a machine shop and rebuild my own
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      Thanks for the invite. I really don't have time to do a complete rebuild myself. That's why I was looking for a complete rebuilt long block.
      You gonna race that thing?