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Might sell my B6T Build!

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  • Might sell my B6T Build!

    I might actually look at buying the eurotiva car! I have an offer for another vehicle i have that i might just take. If i bought euro i would want to sell my other festiva stuff.

    b6t and every last thing needed to be installed. motor, another turbo, wire harness from shadetree, mounts from shade tree. basiclly the car is ready for the motor. I have a new honda radiator kit with fan.
    the car is sitting on the advanced dynamic suspension kit. It has enkei rims on it (would not let these go as they are new and were very expensive i would reuse them). Car not rust free tho. It has some slight issues but is my daily car.

    car 2 is britstiva 1.0 stock.

    Just testing the waters on what people want
    1990 (LUCIFER 2.0) fully built BP+T with E153, Fueltech FT500, traction control with hopes of 600hp (i drank to much of the KOOL-AID)
    1990 OverKILL BP+T, evo ecu system, coilovers, aspire brakes, full advanced suspension, Garrett! The Autocross toy!
    1989 (BRITSTIVA 1.0) B6T and sold
    19?? 150$ burnout car SOLD