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E85 in a 91 stock everything Chrysler

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    Originally posted by Flyin4stroke View Post
    You can run e85 but you need more fuel to get an efficient burn. The reason racing guys use e85 is to cool the Pistons by running more fuel. If I can put in way more cool fuel it's helping keep cylinder temps down. Which we know heat can cause a lot more issues like ping. 1 ping at the wrong time is when it goes bang. So if u aren't even revving the car it won't ever be able to use the e85 but you don't have the bigger injectors or pump or lines to run it. The only reason they change the lines is because they need to be bigger to move more fuel. Basically u aren't doing anything but using diff gas. Pour some alcohol in it lets really spice it up.
    Ethanol octane is supposedly only 97, while methanol is 96. The magic happens with vaporize cooling effect. Methanol can provide up to 7x the cylinder cooling over gasoline and ethanol is 5x, for a perceived higher octane.

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      Originally posted by Flyin4stroke View Post
      It's does not do the same. It has less bang. It has 30% less btu's than regular gasoline.
      I never exceed 10mph. 89 and E85, both have the same results. I still achieve 10mph.

      I'm probably still going to get 40 miles to the tank.

      Except one is easier on the wallet. It's the only reason I made this decision.

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