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Ghost from Festiva past.

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  • Ghost from Festiva past.

    So It has been like 3 years since I've even logged in here. I'm curious if the same people are around, I'm also curious as to where my old Festy is and what is going on with it? Does anyone have any idea of how my first love is doing?
    Previous owner of ZEFstiva

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    Donny has it and it's been on jackstands for over two years. One day I went to move it in his driveway and put it in reverse and got about a foot and the diff pin shot out of the trans.

    BP + stock trans + hard clutch = time bomb.
    91GL BP/F3A with boost
    13.79 @ 100, 2.2 60' on 8 psi and 155R12's


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      "I don't always do hard launches, but when I do it's in reverse up my friends driveway."
      Driving for me is neither a right nor a privilege. Driving is my passion, as it was for the people who invented the automobile, the people who paved the first roads and the people who continue to improve the automobile. Please respect this passion.


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        Trees aren't kind to me...

        currently: 2 88Ls (Scrappy and Jersey), 88LX, 90L(Pepe), 91L, 91GL (Skippy) 93 GL Sport (the Mighty Favakk), 94 (Bruce) & 95 Aspire SEs, 97 Aspire (The Joker),
        94 Justy 4WD, 87 Fiero GT, plus 2 parts cars. That's my fleet.


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          She's safe, but a bit dusty!
          -1992 Festiva GL
          -1991 GL
          BP/Broken E-Series. Working on G transmission.

          -2011 Mazdaspeed3


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            You broke his stuff and put it on jackstands for him? Your a good friend!


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              Yeah bhaz wtf
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                'If it broke pulling out it needed to be replaced anyway.'

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                Any difference that makes no difference is no difference.

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                  Hey sketch ? How is it down your way ?
                  Flooding hit really bad down where enemy lives , has anyone heard from him ?
                  We have been sending Trk after Trk of donated support from our area .
                  New build on the way .


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                    Oh we're fine. In some neighboring counties they go hit HARD, but we got light rain and some high creeks.

                    That's about it. AFAIK, that is. I haven't been away from home in a week. But that's other issues.

                    Hope he's alright.
                    Any difference that makes no difference is no difference.

                    Old Blue- New Tricks
                    91 Festiva FSM PDF - Dropbox


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                      I'm fine all the flooding etc took place about ten miles north of me.
                      Previous owner of ZEFstiva


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                        Man long time. Good to see ya back
                        Im not driving a Festiva because I'm poor. I drive a Festiva because i want to!

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