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  • the festival lives again

    So, the b3 has been replaced with the all mighty,,,,, b3.
    Turned it over a few times to get oil pressure and once I was happy with that, started it up first go, even got the timing spot on.

    Just have to re assemble the lower control arms and refill the gearbox.
    Very glad that I had the spare engine laying around. While the engine was out, i removed all of the air conditioning gear since it was already faulty. Too much parasitic loss anyway hahaha.
    Going for a roll under the car today also showed me an after market exhaust, which i must admit I'm not disappointed about.
    I also found a huge dent in the rear portion of the floor pan behind the (australian) drivers side on the right.
    Looks like the previous owner hit a rock or log. No splits in the metal though, so hopefully with a bit of panel beating, i can straighten it out.

    In other news, i now have a spare gearbox to play with and see what i can make out of it.

    In the interim period between now and any other engine related shinaningans, one of my work mates and I will be working on a set of coilovers based around the diy threads on here, to begin with I will use the original shocks simply because I have a spare set of them as well. The plan is to make them interchangeable, so that as the shocks wear and fail, they can be used on the next set of shocks.
    Also have a set of wheels on the way to give me a bench mark to lower it on to.
    A set of 15x8 +10 steelies. Probably going to need flares to keep them legal, but it should look pretty funky on a lowered aspire.

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    All finished and back on the road now. Feels so good to be on the road again. Squeezing an engine replacement in between a 7 month old and work was a heck of a task, but all sorted.