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      I'm added


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        finally figured out you had to sign in to a google account, lol. I am currently the northernmost member on the map! Until Julian adds himself. I like this, Its cool to see roughly where people are.


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          I have been added. Will be of use to me on my Pre-Madness Cross Country Trip in September!
          Ben Rogers, Admin of the
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            I would Add myself but my work computer won't allow me to. The have a pretty strict web filtering system...
            "The White Turd" 1993 Festiva 144k miles. (Winner of FOTM November 2016)
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              I'm glad it's working - the directions to set it up were kind of screwy.

              You see? I AM good for something...

              *Far out - I just tinkered with it and found where the icon customizing menu was. Now I'm a green star!

              ** IAW the directions to set it up, the map can be edited: "By anyone who has the URL", so this probably means we should be careful not to edit anyone elses pin/marker

              *** I also subscribed to my own thread this time. Since it's working pretty good though - I'm guessing it's only a matter of time until it becomes a 'sticky thread'

              **** Note #4, I just saw where it was possible to "EMBED THIS MAP ON MY SITE" but it calls for some kind of change to the sharing options. I'm not sure how that works. Who is our webmaster? Since we've kind of 'proven' this map scheme, maybe they would want to create a new one and incorporate it into the Festiva Forums...
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              Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will


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                I added my name
                Thom-Lifes too short, don't blink
                93 Festiva (Little Red Truck)
                01 F-150 (Big Red Truck)


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                  I changed it back to individual styles and added names to the map.

                  Let's be careful of the changes we make, by the nature of the permissions we can make across the board changes - but we should agree on any changes that affect everyone.

                  What do you think of the "NAMES" feature? Is that a good idea?
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                  Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will


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                    Case in point: I remembered Advancedynamix had a silver star - and I was able to change it back for him. That tells me we can change other peoples choices

                    PLEASE don't make big changes that affect us all.

                    Just do your own marker...

                    It's an honor system - honor the preferences of others
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                    Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will


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                      i made my dot a turtle in a cowboy hat

                      WannaBimmer Build in Progress:


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                        I gotta see that ^^
                        Ok just looked I was picturing the hat on the turtle lol dissipointed
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                          Contact me for information about Festiva Madness!
                          Remember, FestYboy is inflatable , and Scitzz means crazy, YO!
                          "Like I'm going to suggest we do the job right." ~Fecomatter May 28 2016.


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                            We are definitely International! On the map you can really see it;
                            That's awesome...

                            Spanning the globe with wrenches and spanners
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                            Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will


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                              Can we get this stickied? The other "maps" sticky is a dead link. Charlie is a mod now, can he sticky it?
                              Will Samet

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