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aspire parts for festiva xr2 mashup

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  • aspire parts for festiva xr2 mashup

    I may get to the u pull it Friday. They have 2 aspires.

    Hoping to get the gas tank from one, to replace the carby tank in my 88.

    What else is useful?

    I want to use the xr2 front knuckles and brakes. Think I read I need something aspire to make that work. ???

    Anyone else need anything while I'm there?

    Of course this is the Pittsburgh Area.

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    The tank must be from a 2 door, and you need aspire LCAs for the brake swap (get new ones). Obviously if either car is an SE, grab everything you can from it, especially the hatch, front bumper, and interior bits.
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    94 Justy 4WD, 87 Fiero GT, plus 2 parts cars. That's my fleet.


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      One is an auto

      second is a 2 door standard

      both listed as base model