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Festiva Trailer Hitch (Home Made)

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  • Festiva Trailer Hitch (Home Made)

    Here are some picture of the trailer hitch that was on one of the Festivas that I bought several years ago. I will be installing it on Rosie this week.
    I had it on my Aqua until I sold it, then put it on Bessie and this past week I took it off Bessie and will be installing it on Rosie. I just finished adding two more coast of paint to it.. the last being appliance epoxy enamel. [IMG] [/IMG]

    It works really well. If anyone is interested in the measurements and the way it is welded together, I will take measurements and post them.

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    That's interesting, dose it bolt to the tow hooks?
    What about the other hole opposite of the place the ball mounts?

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      I dont understand how it attaches either... Take pictures when you install it!

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        Not wanting to be a naysayer. It may work okay, but it looks pretty sketchy to me. I'd be adding some gussets to it, especially at the "tee".


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          True.. gussets at the tee would strengthen it, but it has worked well for several years with no issues. I installed it on Rosie yesterday so here are move pictures.
          [IMG] [/IMG]