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  • Met another Festiva Owner

    I was heading up to pick up a pizza and saw out the corner of my eye a white festiva sitting in a parking lot. I continued on and picked up my pizza and came back and car was still there so I left a note on it and took a picture and was just getting ready to leave and a gentleman came out and it was his. I introduced myself and continued to tell him about the club and its members. He has owned it since 2005 and had just moved here to Brighton from Washington. He asked me if I always stopped when I saw a Festiva and left a note and I said I did, lol. We talked for about 15 minutes and I'm sure he will be joining. Told him if he need parts or help, we would all be there to help him. Gave him my number in case he needed help on his. His was a 92. His name is John Rolf so if he joins he seems to be a very good guy.
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    That is what makes this club what it is. Great work!
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