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    Hey everyone,

    Where can I get new wheels and tires? I wanted to get ones thicker tires in the back and smaller ones on the front. So wheels and tires. Anyone knows where to go for this

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    Do you want wider or taller or both in the back?

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      An that will also seriously compromise the handling.

      As for the initial question: almost any 16" or smaller 4x114.3 wheel will fit. And you can get them darn near anywhere.

      For tires, you want 915+ revolution per mile (22" tall or shorter) again, they can be had anywhere.
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        Awesome thanks, I just want them a little wider in the back or maybe offset


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          What do you want your car to do? For best handling it has been found that lowering the car till the lca is level (iirc) and having the back the same hight along the pinch weld works best. Different tire hights front and rear will mess with that.
          You want daily driver tires? Slicks? Super sticky ones? Your not giving us much to go on...

          For great daily driving and pretty decent track use as well as cheap price get 165/55r14. A little shorter for more power is 165/50r14 which is what i got. Achilles. You can find them in online tire places, or call local shops.

          If your interested in that cool, if not let us know more specifically what you need and what your trying to do.

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            Thanks Ryan. I like the ones you got there. I guess I just didn't like the tires looked on mine but I do def want to keep the handling and power.