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  • Roasting tires

    Yeah I couldn't resist, pimptiva's tranny has been leaking tranny fluid for awhile, and it was really bad the other day. So today it was sunny and beautiful out, I took it down the road from my house. And lit that B@@@@ up Felt good. I didn't kill the tranny, but by the end of this week that festy tranny with 210k on it will meet its doom at the hands of the BP Of course on video...


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    sounds like fun, don't forget to get that video and post it... my BP is really itching for a tranny kill too, but I can't really afford to do it till I have an XR2 tranny ready to go in... I do have 4 old tires still on rims that were on my silver car when I bought it though... two of the rims are in bad shape too, so I will do it at night and burn them till it starts eating the rims and throwing sparks... also on video, of course
    No festiva for me ATM...