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  • bought a new truck

    Finally broke down and got a car payment, the grand am gt was sucking down antifreeze the last 3 days, so I wasn't even flucking wiht it again.

    I got me a pretty little Mazda B3000, true its the opposite mutt as my festiva. A mazda thats really a ford, but I figure it will look reallly good pulling my car from the track after I blow the transmission trying to beat ian

    extended cab, fully loaded, v6, standard, except its only 2 wheel drive. but its gets 25mpg highway, so its not horrible on gas. The toyota tacoma I wanted was sold before I got there, that gets 30 highway, geessss. Oh well, its pretty. And its fully covered warranty till about 75k.

    Cost me about 13-14k after taxes the warrenty, and licensing fees. Alittle more then I wanted to spend but I wanted something that is going to last.


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    ok so that means if i blow a transmission out there youll tow me back?
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    Every car I have owned has had a turbo in it, until I bought this latest festiva.. I plan to fix that though.


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      Did you give the Grand Am a healthy dose of stop leak before you traded it

      Sounds like you got a nice deal on the truck , congrats
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        I got a okay deal on the truck, I got it for what KBB says its worth, 11k after taxes, the extra warrenty, the electronic rust package (pretty sure its not gonna work in NY Im paying close to 14 for it. But thats okay I can handle payments of 135 dollars every 14 days. Soon as I get everything squared away with my progressive insurance, im switching companies, because they rip me off always.