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should make for a interesting winter...

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  • should make for a interesting winter...

    welp, couldn't afford a winter beater so it looks like the festiva will be my winter form of transportation. Specially after i put the new turbo, header, and down pipe on... o boy i should be in for some fun.
    Ian Carr
    88' flat black festy, has an e-brake that works!
    99' S70 T5M- faster DD
    86' 951- almost ready for track season

    My old b6t- wish i still had it

    Every car I have owned has had a turbo in it, until I bought this latest festiva.. I plan to fix that though.

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    Undercoat it, and keep the wheel wells clean and it shoudln't rust on ya... have fun.. My winter beater last year was a 323GTX, Untill it blew up