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Workin' on a car.

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  • Workin' on a car.

    Whee! For the first time since I had back surgery in October, I got to spin some wrenches today. I am soooooo happy! The extra nice thing is that it was an Escort GT, so it was familiar territory. The guy had stripped all the cogs off one end of the timing belt.

    Here's an interesting little factoid about the car itself: It's a 1991 Escort GT, with less than 50,000 miles on it! With the exception of a little tiny bit of rust on the rear quarters, the car looked pretty damned new, especially under the hood.

    It's for sale, too.

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    Glad to hear your back is doing better!

    93 GL modyfied!!!


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      Thanks. It's kind of nice being able to stand up straight. It's the sort of thing you take for granted when you can do it.


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        did the back surgery thing a few years ago too, take it easy don't over do your self.
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        No spitters were I work, you swallow it all. The Company feels if you already have it in your mouth why waste it.


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          Yeah, the surgery was done on October 11, and I'm off work until at least January 15th. I'm bored silly. I have found some interesting new limits that I hope will go away over the next few months, things like walking too much. I never knew you could walk too much. I was averaging at least 10kms (6.2 miles) per day at a minimum. Now, if I walk a couple of K I'm actually tired and sore.