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Yet another, first time Festiva owner.

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  • Yet another, first time Festiva owner.

    I had originally bought this car because I was taking a job driving alot.. and i didn't think my 96 rx-7 would like that so much.

    But now that the job is all over with, I might as well make some fun out of my 150 dollar investment (the festiva).

    A few questions... Where can I get the basics.. i/h/e? and maybe a front grille and body kit? lol.

    any help would be sweeet.

  • #2 the ONLY supplier of aftermarket parts for our cars, the rest of the knowledge is located with in our search function on this forum. There are so many possibilities for the festiva that have come about over the last two years, as far as engine swaps, and suspension, that you really need to just surf around the site abit and read alot of info.


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      so basically, there is no CAI for the festiva?! (aside from crafting your own, which I would really like to avoid).


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        No there isn't but they are easily made.


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          A festiva Project is pretty much a DIY and IIY project once you go anywhere in the world of performance, and especially looks. CRX bodykits seem to fit well, provided you can do some fab work to the kit. FMS makes a real clean, mundane looking Bodykit, too.


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            I have a CAI on mine, all you need is the adapter plater (5 bucks) and a piece of pipe off ebay for one (2 bucks)


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              what is a B6T swap from? some sort of mazda?


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                91-94 Mecury Capri xr2 & the 88-89 mazda 323 gt/gtx
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                  Welcome THEfestiva. This forum is the best resource for all your festy needs.
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