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  • Been a while

    I dont know if anyone will remember me, i dont think i posted enough to be remember lol, but i used to own a 93 festiva. I kinda got over the whole festiva thing, well not got over it but got over it for now..until today lol. I stopped into a shop i used to work at just to say hi, and my boss asked if i knew anyone looking for a car, 94 mx3. he said he'd give it to me for 100 bucks, its a dohc 1.6. Then i go to my current job, and a co worker just towed a 66 bronco he has out to my boss' property in the bush and he told me he had a couple festivas there, so i went to look. I found a 1990 festiva, white, 5 speed, body's immaculate for northern ontario, 120000 kms on it...for free, so in the next little while i plan to do the swap

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    Nice deal you got there!

    93 GL modyfied!!!


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      Yes Ryan ,I do remember you It has been a while .
      You got a steal there , nice to see you back !!
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        Dude, you are one lucky sunuvabit......glad you had a good day!


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          cool man, get it on the road soon!
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            You're back now ! What about the other festiva ?
            The Don - Midwest Festiva Inc., Missouri Chapter

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