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  • Burning question..

    after a drive i smell the oil burn

    not being too mechanically inclined, is this something that's going to be a problem? is it something that can be fixed, and without destroying my bank account?
    it doesnt seem to be leaking, thought oil sprays around a bit inside the engine compartment.

    the car is otherwise in great shape. and theres a few other things i'd like to get fixed (CV boots, bearings, some interior stuff) but i'm wondering if it's worth it if the car is going to catch fire or just die in a few months..

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    Does it look like it is spraying from the top down ??

    Most likely it is the valve cover gasket , it is the biggest culprit , most of the time , not to say that there is another leak , but the V/C will spray it all around and end up on the firewall .
    V/C gasket for the good one is around $16.00 are O'Reillys and is very easy to do .
    Do you have a Haynes manual ?
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      Even if you took your car to a shop the labor on a valve cover gasket should be less than an hour.

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