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Suspension concerns

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  • Suspension concerns

    I'm replacing my lower control arms as the they have never been replaced and the rubber bushings are missing chunks. While I'm there I'm going to replace the tie rod ends. This is wherr my concern comes in. I replaced the cv joints and put in a refurbished rack and pinion, once the the mechanic put it in the wheels turned way to easy towards the end of the turn and the tire was leaning in. What would cause that. Is the rack and pinion bad? I got it from Detroit axle. What could cause that? Should i replace the inner tie rods as well. My tires are worn out on the inside. Thank you for any help

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    I'd check the front wheel alignment. I foiund it pretty easy to do with a piece of string. If you search this forum on "wheel alignment" you should pull up one or two descriptions of how to do it. If not just search the Interent.
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