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    All, I'm looking for some direction to help keep my car going. It is a 93 festiva with 252000 miles. Lately, after the car gets warmed up, the car will stumble under very light throttle. After a while the CEL will come on. When I take my foot off of the throttle, the CEL will always go out. I finally got around to checking the CEL save code, and it is 17. The hanes manual was vague with lots of possible suggestions. I did put new cap, rotor, wires, plugs in a couple thousand miles ago. I did use higher quality parts instead of just the cheapies. The symptoms were there before the new parts. Another observation is that the engine has been using oil lately. Not sure if this has anything to do with my problems or not, but wanted to put it out there. I was thinking that maybe the burned oil is playing havoc with the O2 sensor? Not sure. I don't want to just throw parts at it as this car is only going to last me another year or so.

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    Looking at this old post looks like you may need a new o2 sensor or your car is legitimately running rich or lean. I would start with a Fuel Filter and if that doesn't help a new o2 sensor.
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      ^^ before replacing try disconnecting and cleaning contacts. That cleared up a problem I had with a sensor recently.
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