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My 1989 EFI festiva has 24v coming out of blue wire when car is running!!!HELP

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  • My 1989 EFI festiva has 24v coming out of blue wire when car is running!!!HELP

    I have been having trouble with the car shutting off after 30mins of running perfect .I have changed ignition module 3 times with no change. Well today I was checking wiring and noticed my distributor has 12v on blk/wht wire and the blue wire also has 12v with switch on car off. When I started car there was 12v on blk/wht wire and 24v on blue wire! .I got to pulling off electrical tape and found blue wire was spliced to ylw/green wire that runs back in cover beside ylw/green coil wire. I assume this has been changed at some point and wired up wrong. Blk/wht was also spliced but back to blk/wht wire . Ylw/blk wire off distributor was not connected to anything? Hopefully someone can help

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    There have been references to wiring diagrams on this forum which you might find by searching on "wiring diagram".There are wiring diagrams at the back of the Haynes manual but theyonly show the distributoron the carburetted diagram, not on the fuel injected diagram. On both the yel/grn wire is for a tachometer. On the EFI module the yel/grn wire chagnes to a wht wire which feeds the ignition module. On the carburetted model both the yel/grn and the blu wires connect to the -ive terminal of the coil. The blu wire connects to the distrubutor so may feed the ignition module inside. On the carburetted model the blk/wht wire runs from the ingition switch to the +ive terminal on the coil and to the distributor. The EFI diagram also shows a blk/wht wire from the igntion switch to the coil but the diagram does not show the distrubutor.
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      Thanks WmWatt .I have looked everywhere trying to find wiring diagram for 89 EFI distributor with no luck