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Headlights issue

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  • Headlights issue

    Hello guys, my name is tom, i am 22 years old, i am from the netherlands and i have a kia pride 1995.

    I am sorry for speaking English so bad. I will try my best.

    I have this problem when i turn my main light switsh on there wil be no light coming out of them. But my rear light work, all the other light work but not my main light and the ( i dont know hoe to cal it) signalling, beaming light i guess, the one that turns on when je pull the switch towards you.

    Is there someone dat knows more about tbis problem, and can you pleas help me....

    My regards

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    It might be dirt or corrosion in the switch contacts. Try spraying contact cleaner or we have a product here called WD-40 which is a penetrating oil and moisture dispersant. When spraying turn the switch on and off several times to work it in.
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      There is a head light fuse in the engine bay, one of three. One is the main fuse, the other two are electronic fuel injection and head. Not sure if they would be big fuse type units, or thin wire type fusible links. Worth checking that first.

      There is also a headlight relay in the engine bay. You should hear it click open or closed when the headlights are turned on or off, if it is getting power.
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        Thank you guys. Is will try these things. I will let you know if it worked or not


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          Icedawg you speek of fuses under the hood. "Main, egi, head" whit my, one of them still hold a fuse, 2 of them are missing. I have no idea what kind of fuse and what amount of amp i need to put in them. For now they are connected by just a wire.


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            Animal, please check this document for errors.


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              That manual BZ kindly posted shows the 3 fuses on page 9 of the pdf file. But they are shown as the wire-like fusible lengths in units of square mm.

              You can replace them with fusible links that you can buy at an auto store. Or replace them with the larger, plastic encased fuses. It is not entirely easy to find the conversion, but on the RX7Club website, someone posted the following:
              1.25 sq =45 Amps
              .30 sq =20 Amps
              .50 sq =30 Amps
              .85 sq =35 Amps

              The Head and EFI circuits get the 0.3 sq, and the main gets the 0.85 sq.
              So you could use a 20 / 35 / 20 combination, or if they are easier to find you could use a 20 / 40 /20 or 30 / 60 /30.

              Using a slightly higher rated fuse is not going to be a problem. Typically these fuses will only blow if there is a dead short from battery positive to ground, in which case current will be way too high and blow the fuse anyhow.

              Thricetiva replaced Icetiva as the new ride


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                Thank you guys for the tips. I appreciate it


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                  Hey guys.

                  ​​​​​​Small update, the light issues where fixed. I now have all the light's back including the indication on the dash. Yesterday picked my kia pride up because of the MOT.

                  Some minor issues where there
                  Rear left braking line whas to rusty
                  rear brake difference left/right
                  A small hole had to be welded above the rear suspension.
                  And they fixed my exhaust because it was scratching against the body.

                  For now i can drive a whole year with a good little car

                  Next up is lowering de back.
                  But there is offcours a small issue,
                  The lower bolt of the shock absorber is locked in place by rust.
                  and i think that if i want it to come lose i need to cut the bolt.
                  The question is. Where can i find a new bolt..

                  Any suggestions? Send me a reply