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Swapping over to Weber 32/36 Carb

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  • Swapping over to Weber 32/36 Carb

    I cannot get the stock carburetor on the Asian Express (Red 1988 L) to function properly so I am swapping it out for a Weber. We purchased the Rocketman adapter from Festiva Store and have pulled off the stock carb and all the associated vacuum lines. My question is "When installing the adapter piece to the intake manifold do I need to include the EFE heater that was in between the base of the stock carburetor and the intake manifold?" Thanks.

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    Come to find out we could not make the EFE heater fit. So we went without it.


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      The EFE heater plate substitutes for the lack of a heat crossover passage in the intake manifold.
      It is designed to provide for smoother idle on startup when the temperature is just above freezing and the water vapor in the air momentarily ices on the carb butterflies.

      You will not need your ECA computer any more.
      It can be disconnected and removed.
      The space where it sat on the bracket can be re-purposed.
      You can also remove your barometric pressure sensor
      Just advance the timing slightly, every time you drive high up in the Rockies..
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