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1994 aspire carrier gears

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  • 1994 aspire carrier gears

    Bought a 94 aspire 5sp. for fuel mileage last summer. Had to fix a bunch of stuff. Went to top off the trans fluid and it poured out from the bell housing. So i tore the tranny out and found a hole right where the diff carrier is. Aluminum was peeled towards the clutch so i knew something had to of come out of the tranny. It shifted and drove fine, so i welded the hold closed and sent it. Has been fine till now. Car started jerking when turning real bad, i could tell it was the carrier gears. Tore tranny out today looking through the speedo hole the gears on the center pin are missing a couple teeth. Not sure what to do this thing is a beater car, avg 42-46 MPG. Any aftermarket parts for these things or should i find a festiva tranny to swap in? Great site woth good info

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    Just find another transmission to swap in. You will need another one to get the parts for the carrier gears, anyhow.
    Many other parts may be damaged too, since the hole means it was running on low oil. And the hole probably means something was fired at the wall of the tranny and broke it, from some part of the gear train.
    Thricetiva replaced Icetiva as the new ride