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FF Parts in Europe, compeatability to mazda 121

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  • FF Parts in Europe, compeatability to mazda 121


    I am from small Europe country named Latvia and all the part dealers hear doesn't even have such a car as ford festiva in their catalogues(as this moddel was not sold in Europe), but there are quite a lot for mazda 121. At this point I am looking for brake discs, and as I found mazda has different bolt patern, so the question would be are there any other car with brale discs that might fit? And also I would like to know wether brake supports are the same as mazda?

    I tried to google for this and looked even hear but couldn't find this info, maybe there is someone from europe who can share what parts fits?

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    Sounds like the festive vs aspire breaks here in the US if you can find the entire knuckle you can swap the whole thing for larger and easier to service breaks and rotors.
    ​here the 2000-2005 kia Rio uses the same basic knuckle as the aspire and can be swapped right on. That will open your search further


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      You can find Festiva parts on the Internet. I'm in Canada and can get some parts for less from the USA including shipping. Your problem would seem to be finding Internet suppliers who will ship to Latvia. The brake rotors on the Festiva are wierd in that you have to pull the hub off the knucke to get at the bolts because they bolt on from the rear. I understand if you change to the Aspire wheels you avoid that. I don't know how much is invovled in switching to Apire wheels and maybe suspension but people on here have done it.
      Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006.


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        not sure why you think the bolt pattern is different. almost 100% of 1988-89 stock 121 suspension is identical to 1987-93 stock festiva including brakes