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1992 L 1.3L Need help with 7 pin VAF plug.

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  • 1992 L 1.3L Need help with 7 pin VAF plug.

    This Festiva was given to me and is in really good shape other than one small issue, the plug that goes to the VAF is missing. All seven wires are there but no plug. I haven't been able to find the correct information any where. I purchased the Haynes manual, but no direct information on what order they connect to the VAF. Can anyone out there that has this take a picture so I can see the order? Or anyone have a wiring diagram for me? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your talking about the connector that plugs into the airbox?


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      It's a tough nut- fairly unique to the Festy- I looked into this a half year back wondering if I could use another VAF, or somehow eliminate it. Several of the pins are grounds- but almost no other car has that many wires. You might consider using bullet or blade connections if you find the wiring diagram but not the connector


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        I would suggest looking at the colour coding of the wires in the Haynes manual wiring diagrams at the back. Have you searched the global Internet?
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          Yes the plug that goes into the airbox. I have the Haynes manual and it does show the color of the wires but does not show the order that they go in. I thought the Haynes manual would get me going, but it's very vague on info for this plug.


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            There is a chance that I have that connector in one of my junk parts cars that I can cut out and send to you if you want to pay shipping.
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              Yes I would gladly pay shipping! Sir you are a saint! Please contact me, Cody 806-782-9868.