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  • About Fuel filter (request)...

    Greetings again from Venezuela:

    I have not published anything for a long time. I am about to make a somewhat difficult arrangement on my Ford Festiva 92 because the gearbox is automatic and the hydromatic fluid is spilling. I have to move the car to the workshop but the engine has trouble staying on normally. It has a long time without going on. Today I was trying to turn it on and it does from time to time and after being on it turns off. Looks like a fuel feed failure.

    The first thing I did was look at the carburetor window and it seems that the fuel does not arrive on a regular basis, I guess there is air in the pipe system and that is why it is hard to keep it on. but then I looked at the gas filter there was an air bubble inside it, but it's not what worries me the most. What worries me is the position in which the filter is as it seems that the flow is incorrect.

    Checking a video on YouTube I could see the position in which I was in one of the cars and this is:

    image upload

    But in my car the flow is pointing to the right, so i'm not sure which one is the right position for the filter.

    And also want to ask what is the best way to purge the fuel system for these cases.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can do for me.


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    I have the 1989 carburetted engine so the fuel filtre is located in a different position but the filtre inisde the plastic conatiner has an arrow printed on it which should point in the direction of fuel flow, ie the point of the arrow points troward the engine, to the left in your photo.
    A few other htings which can cause fuel problems are a leak in the rubber diaphragm inside the fuel mechanical pump if your car has one, a collapsing fuel line where it passes under the car out of the engine compartment, and dirt in the fuel tank.
    I've never heard of a Festiva with carburettor and automatic transmission. The switched to fuel injuction with the automatic transmission in Nothr America to meet fuel emissions regulations.
    Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006.


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      Greetings again:

      Today I was doing a more thorough review with a couple of friends who came to help me and I have already found the solution. Checking each stage of the fuel supply, we arrived at the gas tank from where we extracted the float system (fuel level meter) and we could find the fault: the main fuel supply line had been oxidized and clogged. Additionally the feed prefilter was clogged too. We replace it with a similar one and clean the rust as well as the system. Fortunately we were able to uncover the fuel line. Taking advantage of the opportunity, we replace the fuel filter and place it in the correct position with the arrow pointing towards the place where the fuel vehicle enters the carburetor.

      Now I have another problem but the solution of that depends on the possibility of getting the replacement. Uncovering the gas pump cover during the review we found a broken gasket that causes fuel leakage through a spillway at the bottom of the pump. For security I will seek to replace itcompletely.

      After basic changes and cleaning, the engine start and still works fantastic and much more stable.

      By the way, Ford Festiva that i have here is a 1992 ford festiva with carburattor and automatic transmission and those ones were sold in Venezuela. Automatic transmission are the best choice on traffic jam cases.

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