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In my 88 shop manual it shows...

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  • In my 88 shop manual it shows...

    a cap seal ring on the dust cover of the distributor. I don't have one on my 88 festiva and I am getting oil in the distributor cap. Anyone know where I can get one of these seals? Not the small ring gasket that goes on the disributor inside the engine but the one outside the distributor on the dust cover for the cap. Thanks

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    Would a large elastic band go over the cap and do the job, or a bead of gasket goop? I find used bicyle innertubes make long lasting rubber gaskets, ties, and bands. Good luck.
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      You may be able to able to fabricate a gasket from some gasket material (usually at auto parts stores), or maybe you could find a large O-ring that may work (but one that large could likely only be found at an industrial supply or maybe a store like W.W. Grainger). I think the easiest thing to do would be to get some RTV gasket maker from an auto parts and make a seal on the dist cap. Clean the oil off really well, or use a new cap. On the distributor, put a film of oil so the RTV will not stick to it. Use the RTV that is more oil resistant (says it on the package). Many types of rubber will not work for this as they absorb the oil and swell up and will end up protruding from under the cap.
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