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1993 Ford Festiva Acts like starting but doesn't

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  • 1993 Ford Festiva Acts like starting but doesn't

    Hello All,
    I have a 1993 Festiva that has been sitting a couple years without running. air filter compartment was taken over by a mouse. Cleaned that all out and put in new air filter and battery.
    Engine cranks and acts like it wants to start then a second later immediately stops firing. Checked fuel pumping into the fuel rail and seems to pump in very well in start position. When putting starter fluid into the air intake the care continues to run. Dirty injectors? Doesn't the VAF shut off the fuel supply if its bad?... So probably not that? Checked the fusible links and they are a bit corroded but I cleaned them a bit and put them back in. Thank you all for any input or suggestions.

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    If you jumper the fuel pump I believe it will prevent the vaf from shutting it off (if that is your problem).

    To test the fuel pump you have to jump the 2 Pin connector around the brake booster. Make sure fuel is getting to the rail then check for spark at the plugs and if you have both of those then check your compression. You should see around 120PSI+ for the car to run, if it is lower than that on all the cylinders then your timing jumped.

    see this post
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      1990new, Thanks. I will try to find that connector again. Near the washer fluid pump if I read that correctly.


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        It is a wire connector near the fire wall on the left side under the windshield wiper motor that looks like it should be plugged in to something but is not.
        According to my Festiva EFI EVTS Manual:
        Power to the fuel pump is first triggered when you turn the key to the start position.
        Then when you release the key back to the on position, the relay no longer powers on the pump, but power is then triggered by the VAF sensing air flowing through it. If it does not sense air flowing (which indicates the car is not running) then the ground to the pump is broken and the pump stops. When you jumper the test connector under the windshield wiper motor, you are completing the ground that is triggered by the VAF sensing air flow, so the pump will run in the on position even if no air is flowing through the VAF. So if you have the test connector jumped you will hear the pump start as soon as you turn the key to the on position and it will continue to run until you turn the ignition to acc or off.

        However, it is not safe to leave this fuel pump test jumper permanently connected. If the problem turns out to be the vaf not grounding the fuel pump in the on position, it needs to be fixed.
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          1990new. Great, thanks for all the info. Seems like this could be the issue.


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            The mice may have gummed up the VAF. Maybe check to see if it's operating freely. If not clean.
            Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006.


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              Thanks WmWatt. I had the whole piece off just wasn't sure how to get into the VAF area to check that.


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                Thank for the help WmWatt and 1990new. It was the VAF. It was all gummed up and would not rotate. Once fixed, the car starts and runs normally!