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'93 Lock Cylinder Part #

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  • '93 Lock Cylinder Part #

    Someone tried to steal my 93L This morning, I was told by a neighbor it was around the bend parked sideways on a hill in the middle of the road. My first thought was it had popped out of gear and rolled away (The parking brake is barely functional ATM), though it would be very peculiar for it to go forward about 100 ft, make a right turn and then stop when it hit the curb. Upon inspection, the ignition lock cylinder was drilled out, and my key no longer works to turn the ignition.

    Does anybody know the part number for the lock cylinder, or if any other car's lock cylinder works in the Festiva? I have my second vehicle to drive in the meantime, but the issues it has are the reason I bought the Festiva. Any help is appreciated - Thanks!

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    Also if anyone has any idea how to remove the cylinder, that'd be awesome. I have it down to the housing, and i see a pin hole on the bottom, but that doesn't release the tumblers. There's what appears to be an access port on the top, but nothing I've tried there helps either.

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      It's been discussed on this site a few times with photos. While waiting for a response you could try a search. See top right corner of screen.
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        It would probably work best to replace the whole thing. If you can find a complete car in the junkyard you can get all of the locks, doors and all. The code for the key is on the passenger door lock. A locksmith can make a key. That way the same key will fit all locks. Someone on here may have one for sale too.


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          I did end up finding someone on the forums with a complete set and was able to get the Ignition cylinder replaced. Thanks for the help all.