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Question about rear coil springs

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  • Question about rear coil springs

    Hey guys, I have Kia Rio springs in the front and KYB festiva struts in rear , and I want to make the back end lift a little higher at least to Kia Rio spring height because it sags with stuff in the trunk. What springs could I use in the back to help issue?

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    I hope someone else can chime in here as I've never done it but I believe people have used front festiva springs in the rear.


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      The subject of Rio front struts has been discussed on here a few times. A search would probably bring up old posts. I tried a pair from the junkyard but found them too stiff and I didn't like the elevated front end.The advantage is supposed to be in the ball bearings giving more responsive steering but I'm not having any problems with the regular steering. Some people just used the tops off the Rio struts with the ball bearings in them. Some people cut some off the Rio coil springs to lower them, I have not seen any of the discussions on altering the rear springs. Again, a search of this site might bring up old posts on the subject. Good luck.
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        Aspire rear springs are a little heavier. I think?


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          Thank you for your answers! I’m going to try Kia Pride rear springs I found online from Lithuania just recently (wish me luck) since I haven’t found any aspire springs that are newish condition or festiva fronts , Has anyone else tried this?