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Turn Signal plastic pieces that often break

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  • Turn Signal plastic pieces that often break

    Here are pictures of the turn signal parts that often break and prevent your arm from staying put when you turn it or not returning when you complete your turn.

    The bow shaped piece keeps the signal in place when you turn left or right and the round cylinder with spikes on it cause the signal to cancel and return to center when you complete the turn. The spikes often break off this cylinder over time.

    The return ring piece is easy to replace but the bow piece is a little more difficult. To replace either of them you must remove the steering wheel.

    There is a small spring that sits on the little nob at the center of the convex side of the bow.

    If you bow has broken in half you may have to search for the spring. I know of no source for new parts like these. Does anyone else know of a source?

    I deleted the pictures that I had posted earlier (the bow part was not the correct one for the combo switch for the festiva). I will repost the correct pictures later.
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