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Trying to identify a part

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  • Trying to identify a part

    There is a small (1 x 2 cm?) black rectangular electronic item mounted to the base of my distributor. 1989 Festiva 1.3L EFI
    A single wire runs to a connector, then into the main pigtail with the injector wiring. Can anyone identify it?
    Trying to post a photo but the web site doesn't want to cooperate.

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      Something to do with eliminating radio interference.
      Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006.


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        It's a .47 microfarad 250 volt capacitor and purpose is most likely what WmWatt said. A capacitor across a DC line will allow AC to be shunted to ground. The value of the capacitor and the frequency of the AC component determine the parameter known as the capacitive reactance. More complicated than all that but pretty close.


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          If you need to take it off and replace it, bravekozak may still have some stainless steel screws that hold it on. He sent me a bunch to give away at madness a few years ago.
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