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Clunking transmission

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  • Clunking transmission

    Hey guys. I've started having some troubles with my 4 speed festiva transmission recently. My issue is that while I'm shifting, the transmission will make a heavy clunking sound like I'm hitting a big bump if I go straight from one gear to another. However, If I press in the clutch and wait a second to change gears I do not get the clunking sound.
    It was doing it worse the other day because I was low on fluid. However I filled the transmission back up with 5W-30 (not my first choice bit it was all I had on hand).
    I was wondering if it could possibly be bad tranny/engine mounts, however I just put new ones in less than a year ago. I also tried to adjust the clutch cable because it seemed loose and that seemed to help but it could have also been that it actually had the proper amount of fluid in the transmission.
    Any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Have you tried double clutching? Look up "double clutching" on the Internet. Says it overcomes poor (or no) sychronization. If it works it could suggest what's going on in there.
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      Sounds like you are shifting too fast. You admitted that if you push in the clutch and wait a second you do not get the clunking sounds. That's the way you should drive it. Some guys on the forum swear by synthetic transmission fluid. I have been using Royal Purple Synchromax in my daily driver and the shifting is noticeably smoother then the recommended ATF. Good luck
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        Update. It was not the transmission but in fact, the front engine mount bolt fell off. I realized it because the clunking was happening if I floored it and then let off all at once the clunking would happen. Checked under tge car after work and saw the bolt which connects the engine to the transmission was missing.